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Why Multicultural Marketing?

21.9% of Canadians were immigrants. In fact, by 2036, immigrants could represent up to 30 percent of all Canadians by 2036. And yet, whet it comes to Advertising and Marketing, they become just another checkbox in the marketer’s handbook.

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Ethnic marketing is a complex topic, but it is becoming crucial for Canadian businesses to persuade their ethnically diverse audiences. Our experienced team has ran campaigns for brands like Remax, Subway, Cinnezeo and other National brands. 

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Multicultural marketing opens new roads for brands to engage with their consumers outside the “majority audience.” It targets specific consumer segments based on ethnic and socio-cultural patterns, building a deeper emotional connection that increases the chance of a conversion.

Understanding Social, Cultural and Religious roots

Multicultural marketing shouldn’t be a one-off strategy. A focus on specific cultural groups and their needs can be a consistent theme across your brand’s identity, reinforcing recall for every audience segment.

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Growing Market

Every 3 years, the multicultural demographic grows by over 1.1 million new consumers. As we segue into the new world of cloud, algorithm, clicks, metrics, and memes, it is easy to forget that every one of these consumers needs to know what makes your brand relevant to them.

Platform Marketing

Multicultural Social Media, Chinese platforms, Content Planning and Management on multicultural platforms like Baidu, IPTV’s, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms. 

Right Time & Message

They want to hear the voice of sincerity and compassion in a manner that is both meaningful and believable. Campaigns for Diwali, Chinese New Year, Eid and other cultural and religious occasions. 

Right Targeting

A research study conducted by Pew Research Center’s Internet Project, demonstrated that 73% of Latino use Facebook, followed by Caucasian users using 71%, and African Americans 67% making Facebook the most famous platform of social media used


Acronym for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, queer, intersexual, asexual, and others. This represents the varied sexual identities that your audience may associate with. Your job is to create an inclusive space that speaks to the entire spectrum. For example, instead of saying “husband” or “wife” in your marketing, use the term “partner,” which is inclusive to all types of relationships.

Connection & Empathy

Scientific studies show our brains are hard-wired to connect with similar and like-minded individuals. The point of multicultural marketing is to celebrate all cultures and social identities, making sure everyone within your target audience can see themselves in your imagery.

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Our focus is on developing a multicultural marketing strategy that allows you to be inclusive with social media. Speak out for the good of others who may not be anything like you because having a digital platform is powerful in our world today.


Strategic communications agency with an in-depth understanding of ethnic markets and their cultural proclivities that translate to results for our clients. Multicultural marketing is essential for your brand to effectively connect with ethnic communities and future-proof your business.




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Trusted by the World’s Leading Companies

I don’t even know where to begin to describe what this team has done for myself and my business. Bhavya, Denise and her very hard working team have put in countless hours of work to see us grow and succeed. In the last 5-6 months of working with them we have never been busier in our life. Working with Rapid Boost has produced so many leads that we honestly don’t even know what to do with all of them. Our local SEO has moved us from the 103rd ranked to 2nd on Google. They are professional, flexible and extremely accommodating. Thanks for everything you do on behalf of Sparkle & Sheen, we appreciate you all so much.
Aaron Kirkaldy

We hired Rapid Boost team to launch our mobile apps and marketplace website. They have done an amazing job from the concept, ideation to strategy and launch. I highly recommend them for mobile apps and digital marketing.

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Ali and the Team at Rapid boost understand how to mix your advertising in a way that grows your business. As a radio rep at Shine FM I have partnered with them on campaigns and their team is very knowledgable.When you contact them expect a friendly conversation about growing your business not a sales pitch.

– Ryley Strand

We have been working with Rapid Boost and the team for the last few years. The team is always there to support you and will help you with everything that’s needed. Our business has also grown so much after collaborating with them. I would recommend rapid boost to anyone who needs help with marketing there business.

Afzal Kotadiya

I have been using Boost Marketing for my Business, and what a difference it has made, from 3-5 calls a week to 5-6 a day in just over 6 months. The team is always there to answer questions and help when i need it, even fix errors I made.

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