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CEFA Early Learning Franchise Marketing

Rapid Boost helps CEFA with franchise marketing. 

We began our digital marketing strategy for CEFA by first identifying our audience and generating qualified traffic that fit key factors like income, geography, net worth, age, etc. We tapped into several channels to make sure we were targeting those key prospects on every level, from social media to email to paid ads to organic search results. When that qualified traffic started making it to the CEFA website, they were met with our planned, researched conversion tactics and turned into legitimate sales leads. Our marketing strategy was again proven overwhelmingly effective.




Increased Franchise Leads


Increased New Visitors


Increased Conversion Rate

Project Overview


But total unit sell out is just the beginning of the Rapid Boost results. In the time we’ve worked with CEFA, our strategy has generated the following sales metrics:

  • More than 450+ online leads
  • Average of $22.53 per lead
  • $4.31 per Facebook lead
  • $28.74 per Adwords lead
  • Average of 4830 website visitors per month


Over the last 1.5 years, we’ve worked to crack the code for Franchise Marketing, and this is just one example of our irrefutable success. We generate the demand and interest you need to keep your sales pipeline full.

Our strategy is especially effective for Franchisors and Franchisees because we understand the goals and challenges of the industry, and we tailor our efforts to each client’s specific needs, ensuring you get the results you want. If you’d like to learn more about our tactics and see how our strategy boasts an attractive ROI for developers of every kind.

I have worked with Rapid Boost team for several years now. I find Rapid Boost very easy to deal with and I find them to be extremely honest and knowledgeable. They are very eager to provide nothing less than thier best always. I trust them so much that I regularly refer him to our clients. I look forward to working with Rapid Boost for many years to come. You Guys Rock!!


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Our approach

Increasing CEFA’s online visibility was a critical goal for their core project, which we attacked from a few different angles.

First, we performed thorough keyword research to identify target keywords to incorporate into new copy for the website, giving the site a search rank boost for important local search terms both in and around local target markets.

To help them expand visibility into other markets, we created location specific pages that feature search-optimized location-relevant content, in addition to local Franchise locations that are unique to those new locations.

These location pages not only give the website added search visibility for their respective communities, but also open the door to location-targeted PPC advertising in the future. 

Key Features:

Custom Website Design

New Franchisee Leads

Google Map Property

Search Page Speed Optimization

Content Creation

Value Proposition & Tagline

Local SEO Strategy

Newsletter Integration

Refresh Lead Generation Forms

CRM Integration

Premium Website Hosting

Custom Graphics

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