Case Study

Remedy Rx – Multi Location Campaign

Project Scope: Local Websites, SEO, Social Media, Instsagram Ads, Youtube Ads, Influencer Campaigns, Locals Google Maps & Content Generation (Video & Photo).

32% increase in foot traffic at Pharmacies. 16% increase in prescription deliveries. 25% increase in new prescriptions. 

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Increased Monthly Website Traffic


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Increased Conversion Rate

Project Overview

Remedy Rx, wanted to increase the number of digital refills that were generated through their pharmacy’s website. By focusing on promotion and incorporating their online strategy into their overall business strategy, Remedy Rx was able to achieve a 95 percent increase in digital refills.

To achieve this increase in online refills, Remedy Rx began to track key metrics on their monthly reports, ensuring visibility into the performance of their digital products. Rapid Boost paid special attention to the “hours saved” metric,  incorporating this metric into their annual plan and setting a goal for the pharmacy to save more time each quarter. Then they educated the staff on the digital tools so that staff could inform and educate their patients on how to use the products. The biggest increase in digital refills was attributed to these conversations between her pharmacists and patients at point of sale.

By setting goals and tracking how they were pacing against these goals, Remedy Rx locations were able to achieve the results they were looking for. In seven months, digital refills increased by 95 percent.

We have been working with Rapid Boost and the team for the last few years. The team is always there to support you and will help you with everything that’s needed. Our business has also grown so much after collaborating with them. I would recommend rapid boost to anyone who needs help with marketing there business.

Afzal Kotadiya

Pharmacy marketing

Our approach

Pharmacy brands that have a multi-location footprint, take note: One size does not fit all. In the competitive and fragmented digital landscape, a savvy business must always speak to their target audiences — wherever they are. Ensuring content is highly relevant and optimized per local SEO best practices and local community driven social media campaigns are a fundamental step for enterprises with multiple locations. We took this approach with Remedy Rx.


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